Our 2019 - 2020 Rates
The Willow Tree Child Care
2 Locations in Long Beach, California   (562) 972-7945

Your Child's Second Home

Tuition due varies depending on the program your child is enrolled in. Please be aware that our rates may increase each year. If you have any questions regarding our rates please feel free to contact Jessica by email or phone. 
Rates are set per contract if additional hours are needed which are non-recurring prior arrangements must be made. An enrollment fee is required per program and a non refundable deposit equal to two weeks of care (to be applied to your first month of care) is due at the time of signing your contract.  

Enrollment fees:
child care: $75.00  
after school care: $75.00   
summer camp: $125.00* (due each summer for summer program only)  

All programs require a non refundable deposit equal to 2 weeks of care. To be applied to 
first month of care. Deposits are due at the time of signing a contract no less than 15 days
prior to start date and no more than 30 days before start date. Spots will be held no more
than 30 days prior to start date with a deposit. 

Hours of Operation: 

Regular day hours of child care -  7 am - 5 PM
Early hours can be arranged as early as 6:00 am for an additional fee
Extended hours can be arranged until 7:00 pm for an additional fee

Rates: Please note the rates below will vary by  hours needed and transportation provided.  Individual rates will be quoted based on your specific needs. 

Full Time Child Care: 6-8 hours per day, three or more days per week.  Monthly payment due on the 1st of the month. If 1st lands on a weekend or Holiday payment is due on the last day of the previous month. 

   $866  per month for up to 8 hours
   $962 for up to 9 hours per day
   $1058 for up to 10 hours per day

Early/extended or overtime hours are billed at $130 additional per month.   

Part Time Child Care(less than 5 hours per day or full time hours 3 days per week)  
*Morning hours  part-time ends at 12:00 PM. 
*Pick up after 2:00 PM is considered full time regardless of daily hours of care.

$650 per month 

Hourly rate: Only applies to drop in care for less than 3 hours or evening / weekend care
$15.00 – per hour

Over time: rate applies after 5 PM or after contract hours 
$15.00 per hour 

Daily rate: only applies for children enrolled less than 3 days per week

$60 - up to 8 hours
 $75 - up to 10 hours 

School- age: Transportation, snacks, meals, and child care is included in this fee when child is enrolled at (St. Barnabas

$350 per month during school year (after school hours only)
$450 per month during school year (before and after school hours) 
* Spring break and Winter Break will increase rates to full time and will be adjusted at
that time

$40 a day for in-service days or holidays that school is not in session.

$185 per week during summer time care (school age only- must have completed                                      kindergarten to enroll at this rate)

Surrounding schools within 5 miles:
$525 per month during the school year (after school hours only)
$625 per month during the school year (before and after school hours)

Late fee: More than 3 non pre-arranged late pick-ups will cause parent fees to be raised to the next level. 

$10.00 per 1/2 hour past pick up time
$15.00 per hour past pick up time
$20 per hour past 6:00 pm 
(late fees are due on the day of occurrence in cash)

The Willow Tree Child Care - Long Beach, California (562) 972-7945